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Registration is ongoing and month to month.  Payment is due at time of registration! We accept cash, checks, & major credit cards. 

Why an Annual Fee?

It is common place in this industry to have an annual fee because insurance premiums are tied to the number of specific students and the premium must be paid in full regardless of whether a student participates for the entire year or only 1 day.  Insurance is based on a yearly per student cost and the annual fee defrays this cost. 


We offer a 10% discount for siblings.  The more expensive class pays full price and each additional sibling gets 10% off.  The 10% discount does not apply to the annual registration fee.  We also offer a 10% discount for multiple classes.  The first class is full price and 10% is taken off for each additional class. 

Bounced Check Policy

There will be a $35 fee on ANY returned check.  The check amount and $35 fee must be paid in cash or certified funds within 7 days.   All outstanding balances and fees must be paid in full before we can enroll your child in any AEG classes.

Refund Policy

The $30.00 annual registration fee is non-refundable.  A full refund of session fees is given if cancellation occurs before the first Monday of the session.  If cancellation occurs the first Monday of the session or later, no refund is given.


We will pro-rate (you pay only for the days you will be able to attend class) only if you tell us at time of registration.  We will not give a credit or refund after the session has started.  We do not credit missed classes from previous sessions.


If your child is experiencing excessive coughing or sneezing, sore throat, upset stomach, or fever do not bring them to class. We will gladly schedule a make up in a similar class when your child is well.

Amount of Children in a Class

For the Parent & Me (6) Preschool (6), Kinderkids (6), Beginner & Advanced Beginner (8) Intermediate,  Advanced, & Tumble classes  (10).  

What Should Your Child Wear?

We recommend your child wear comfortable clothing, like a T-shirt and athletic shorts or pants (depending on the weather).  Participants cannot wear shorts or pants with snaps, buckles, or belts – this may hurt them and damage the equipment.  We do not allow girls to  only wear sports bras to class, stomachs must be covered by a shirt or leotard.  Long hair must be tied up out of the students eyes. Jewelry of any kind is not to be worn during class - necklaces, watches, dangling earrings, bracelets, etc.   Bare feet is preferable.  Gum is not allowed.

Make Up Policy

We allow make one class per month.  If you miss a class, please schedule a make up as soon as you can. You must schedule a make up through the office, do not just show up.  Please call us at (847)201-1567.  If you sign up for the next session, we will allow you to carry over a credit for one class.  If you schedule a makeup and do not attend the class, we will not schedule another make up.

Viewing Room

Parents are always welcomed to stay and watch class.  At this time only 1 parent per family is allowed in the viewing area.  No parents in the gym at anytime unless participating in a Parent & Me class.  No siblings.


For safety reasons, all children MUST stay with their coach at all times.  On some equipment, children must sit and wait for their turn.  If they do not, their coach will warn them many times before they take a stamp away or make them miss a turn or send them out to sit with a parent.


American Eagles Gymnastics has an evaluation system for each class level.  This system is geared towards the skills the competitive teams perform.  The children are evaluated throughout the month. The coach you know if your child needs to move up to the next level.  Children in Parent & Me, Preschool, and Kinderkids move up to the next level when they are the appropriate age.

Parent & Me Classes

For Parent & Me classes, only 1 parent (or adult) go in the class with the child.  If the parent has other children in classes at the same time, we ask that you make sure you stay with and pay attention to the child in the Parent & Me class, this class is an interactive class between the child and parent.


Additional parking is available on the street.  Parking is also allowed in the GM Sign company’s lot across the street after 5:00pm or on weekends.  Please do not park in the Granite Warehouse’s lot attached to our building.

Open Gym

Currently unavailable

Birthday Parties

See page for detail

Office Hours

Monday & Wednesday  5:30-7:00 Tues & Thursday 4-7, Friday 4:30-6:30 (847)201-1567  Please leave a detailed message if we are unable to take your call.  Messages are checked and returned daily.


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